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MOVING SUPPLIES: Our Home is under contract!! Now we need to start packing...

This can be such an exciting time, but we understand that packing and moving can be overwhelming. If you need boxes reach out to us, sometimes our clients who have recently moved are getting rid of their boxes or will sell them for an inexpensive price and we can put you in touch with them! Also, there are various times throughout the year that we will have a discount code at some local stores.

In addition to boxes we have put together a list of moving supplies that you might helpful!

  1. TICCON 6 Pack of Extra Large Moving Bags

  2. Home Moving Labels

  3. Offitecture 12"x12" Foam Pouches

  4. TICCON 2 Pack Stretch Wrap

  5. WEN Heavy Duty Moving Blankets

  6. Sharpie Permanet Markers

  7. Duck Brand Bubble Wrap

  8. Bryce Packing Paper

  9. Scotch Packing Tape

  10. Ziplock Big Bags

  11. MattSafe Mattress Bags

  12. Honeycomb Packing Paper

* This post contains affiliate links! If you make a purchase I may earn commission at no additional cost to you. #amazonpartner

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